The Liberty Clock

Standing in front of the Westin Poinsett Hotel in Greenville, SC the Liberty clock marks the location of the former Liberty Life Insurance Company and the 1905 on the clock commemorates the year the company was founded. Liberty Life Insurance was very influential in the development of Greenville and the name Liberty can be found on other landmarks throughout Greenville including the prominent Liberty Bridge and Liberty Square.

Liberty Clock

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Sunset at Patriots Point

The Sun sinks to the horizon behind a curtain of clouds with the USS Yorktown and many smaller ships sitting in the shadows at Patriots Point in Charleston, SC

Sunset at Patriots Point

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Reedy River Flowing

The Reedy shot on 4×5 Paper Negative


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Broadcast Towers on Paris Mountain

The broadcast towers on top of Paris Mountain in Greenville, SC viewed in silhouette against a setting sun.

Broadcast Towers on Paris Mtn.

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Oak Grove Lake Restored

Located off of Roper Mountain road in Greenville, SC Oak Grove lake is a popular recreation spot. Most evenings you can find people walking or running on the small road that circles the lake and on the weekend it is a popular local fishing hole. It is only recently that this popular local destination has been brought back to its original picturesque state.

Oak Grove Lake


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The Highest Point

The Blue ridge parkway can be seen as it makes its way through the trees towards the top  of Mount Mitchell in Burnsville, NC. Measuring 6,684 ft Mount Mitchell is the highest peak east of the Mississippi. This photo shows the view South from the mountains peak.

Blue Ridge Parkway

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Falls Park on Photographic Paper Negative

I’ve recently started experimenting with large format photography. This scene of falls park in Greenville, SC was taken with a 4×5 view camera using photographic paper instead of film. Paper is similar in characteristics to the original photographic processes used in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and is only sensitive to blue and some green light. It is also very low speed, around ISO 25 in daylight or ISO 6 at night or under artificial light requiring longer exposures that modern processes. Paper is also less expensive and easier to use than standard film but has its own quirks. Look for more of this type in the future as I refine the process.

Falls Park

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The Good Life

A sleepy barn cat naps in the sun at the historic Carl Sandburg home in Flat Rock, NC.


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Stained Glass

The large stained glass window in St. John in the wilderness Episcopal Church.


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St. John in the Wilderness

The view from inside St. John in the Wilderness Episcopal church in Flat Rock, NC. It has been in active use since its construction in 1833.

St. John in the Wilderness

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